Online Publishing Methods

Web based distributing stages and cell phones have quickened the movement of researchers from printed diaries toward computerized designs. As this pattern proceeds, logical papers will change into completely incorporated and intuitive computerized substances. Nature Chemical Biology is stepping toward this future by distributing ‘Online Methods’ for the majority of our unique research content.

As of not long ago, the methodological detail in Nature Chemical Biology papers has been partitioned between two segments: Methods that were incorporated into the print and online variants of papers and Supplementary Methods that were distributed online as it were. This partition required extra work for writers and made it more troublesome for perusers to discover important methodological data. Starting with our January 2013 issue, Brief Communications and Articles will be distributed with an Online Methods area that contains the essential techniques for the paper in one place.

The selection of Online Methods, which has been utilized by other Nature diaries as of late, has a few favorable circumstances. To begin with, not at all like Supplementary Methods, Online Methods will be duplicate altered by our in-house group, which encourages a predictable introduction over our papers. Second, Online Methods spare space, giving us more space to distribute synthetic science research and editorial in each issue. At long last, the new organization better coordinates strategies over the HTML and PDF variants of the paper. Perusers who keep on enjoying the diary in print will have the capacity to get to the strategies in one of these computerized groups at the Nature Chemical Biology site.

The move to Online Methods will influence the arranging of Articles and Brief Communications and their related Supplementary Information. Creators should keep on following our set up cutoff points to references refered to in the body of the paper, yet each paper will be permitted extra references that are related only with Online Methods. Creators who wish to show broad depictions of test methodology that might be less suited to Online Methods—complex conventions or point by point data on synthetic compound combination and portrayal—may arrange these into a ‘Supplementary Note’.

The progress to Online Methods ought to be consistent for our writers and perusers. Creators who intend to submit new original copies should audit our organizing rules in our Guide to Authors. As usual, our editors will work intimately with creators to upgrade the introduction of their reconsidered original copies for opportune distribution. We trust that our refreshed way to deal with techniques will improve your experience of our distributed papers.

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